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Are you interested in computer games, virtual worlds, design, environment art, and characters?

Do you have creative streaks and lots of imagination? The BTS Game Art & Game Design could be right for you.

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Playing with Space: Architectonics, Aesthetics and Perception of Game Worlds

Conference on 15.03.2024 by Dr phil. Marc BONNER

It is with great pleasure that the students of BTS Game Art and Game Design attended a conference by Dr. Phil. Marc BONNER at the Casino – Luxembourg as part of the exhibition “FORCED AMNESIA” by Mary- Audrey Ramirez.

On this occasion, the students were given a detailed introduction to his in-depth research work on the subject of “Open World Structures: Architecture, City- and Natural Landscape in Computer Games“.

Questions about the correlations and influence of images from the fields of art history, architecture and landscape planning and video games were explored.

Offene-Welt-Strukturen   Architektur, Stadt- und Naturlandschaft im Computerspiel

Casino Display.ed

Come to Casino Display.ed at 1, rue de la Loge L- 1945 Luxembourg on 15.03.2024

The Display.ed is an event to promote the opportunities and diversity of creative and cultural careers, and to offer students wishing to study art the chance to gather information directly from art students and graduates.


Gaming and AI – Event on 01 March 2024

In collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain and on the occasion of the exhibition “Forced Amnesia” by Mary-Audrey Ramirez, the students of BTS Game Art and Game Design had the pleasure of a guided tour through the exhibition on 01 March 2024 .
Afterwards, Max Kreis and Jannis Szeder held a workshop on AI in gaming with the second year students, while the first year had an introduction to AI technology in visual arts.
The event was concluded in the evening by a talk with media artist Max Kreis and AI researcher Daniel Karpati in the Casino on the topic of “Automation/inspiration: generative artificial intelligence technologies in visual arts“.

Open Doors Day

Come visit us at the open doors day! Meet the students & the teachers and see student work from the BTS Game Art & Game Design.

Registrations for the BTS will open on 18 March 2024.

The date for the BTS Game Art and Game Design admission exam has changed. The admission exam will take place before the summer holidays. (1 session).

For all deadlines and registration details, please refer to the LAM website – btshub (dates limites).


ATTENTION: any student wishing to apply for registration who does not hold a diploma issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education must apply for recognition of their secondary school leaving certificate. Applications should be sent to the Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse (MENJE) – Service de la reconnaissance des diplômes.

ATTENTION: For all candidates with a Luxembourg technician’s diploma (Diplôme de technicien (DT) des sections « Graphisme », « Design 3D » et « Image ») without a certificate of successful completion of the preparatory modules the REGISTRATION FOR THE PRELIMINARY ADMISSION TEST MUST BE MADE BEFORE MID-MAY (NO SECOND SESSION)!


New admission conditions from the start of the 2024 academic year

Applicants with a Luxembourg technician’s diploma (Diplôme de technicien (DT) des sections « Graphisme », « Design 3D » et « Image ») without a certificate of successful completion of the preparatory modules (modules préparatoires) must take a preliminary access test*.

The test consists of a written test (language comprehension) and an oral test (“situational simulation”). Candidates do not need to prepare for the test.

Candidates follow the registration procedure on the “Registration procedures” (« Modalités d’inscription ») page and the coordinator will inform them of the date and place of the test.

The date of this year’s PRELIMINARY ENTRY TEST is 21.05.2024.


Once you have passed the test successfully, you will be able to continue with the admission procedure and will be invited to attend the competitive examination.

*Article 10 (2) de la loi du 21 juillet 2023 ayant pour objet l’organisation de l’enseignement supérieur:

(2)Par dérogation au paragraphe 1er, alinéa 2, les détenteurs d’un diplôme luxembourgeois de technicien n’ayant pas réussi tous les modules préparatoires visés à l’article 35 de la loi modifiée précitée du 19 décembre 2008 peuvent accéder aux programmes d’études dans la spécialité correspondante menant au brevet de technicien supérieur à condition d’avoir réussi un test d’accès préliminaire organisé par le lycée concerné, en amont de la procédure d’admission visée à l’article 12. Des informations concernant les matières et la nature des épreuves sur lesquelles porte le test d’accès préliminaire sont publiées par le lycée au moins trois mois avant le déroulement du test. Chaque épreuve est notée sur une échelle de 0 à 20 points. Le candidat ayant obtenu une note supérieure ou égale à 10 points dans chacune des épreuves est réputé avoir réussi le test d’accès préliminaire et peut dès lors se soumettre à la procédure d’admission telle que visée à l’article 12. Les résultats du test d’accès préliminaire sont validés par la commission d’admission créée à l’article 12, paragraphe 3.