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How to register and re-register?

Registration and re-registration are done at the secretariat of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (on the Limpertsberg Site).

19, rue Guillaume Schneider, L-2522 Luxembourg (Tel: 46 76 16 -1).

You can read the specific instructions on www.btshub.lu.

Registration takes place in two stages: pre-registration and final registration.

When to register?

For the next academic year’s registration schedule, please consult the calendar on www.btshub.lu


In order to participate in the BTS Game Art and Game Design (BTS-AG) supplementary conditions, admission exam and pre-registration is required. The registration guidelines and form has to be used and the information and list of documents to be submitted can be downloaded on the website of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers under INSCRIPTION.

Final registration

In order to be admitted in the BTS-AG any student must:

  • fulfill the conditions described in articles 10 to 13 of the law of 19th June 2009 on the organisation of higher education
  • have submitted a pre-registration application in due form in accordance with the set regulations
  • have passed the admission examination*
  • be ranked among the first 10 candidates of the admission examination
  • have confirmed his / her registration for the registration deadline by completing the registration form (e.g. final study title in case of second session)
  • have paid the required registration fees.

The student admitted to the admission examination who does not fulfill their obligation of the registration before the deadline, automatically gives way to the next candidate on the waiting list.


*Should the number of candidates exceed the number of places available in the course, the admission examination will be used as a competition examination.

Registration fees

Registration fees are collected for each semester. The current amount is set at 150€ per semester. For additional costs, see the btshub.lu website. (Frais d’inscription et inscription définitive)

An invoice with the needed information will be send to the admitted students.


During the course of studies, registration must be renewed for each semester. The deadlines for re-registration are the same as the registration dates. The re-registration must be done by the deadline date.

Admission Exam


The “practical test” will take place on the morning of the first day of the examination.
The interview will take place on the second day of examination. The exact day and times will be communicated in due time to the interested candidates. See also the Calendar tab.


The examination is used to test whether the candidate has the required knowledge for the training. It includes the following tests:

  • a practical test in drawing from imagination; model-sheet (character design), perspective drawing of environment, a written part in English on “explanatory description and storytelling” aimed at measuring the creative skills, the logical and linguistic thinking capacity of the candidates.
  • an interview (oral test) in English in front of a jury to check the interest of the candidate for the training and the basic artistic skills necessary for the future profession. During this interview, the personal portfolio and the practical test are used as a complement to check the candidate’s skills.

Each test is worth 20 marks.

A candidate will be placed on a “pre-admitted” list if they have passed each test with a minimum of 10 marks (in each test).

In case of equality of points between one or more candidates, the ad hoc committee will take a decision on the basis of the documents submitted with the application in order to proceed to a classification.

The ad hoc committee renders its verdict by establishing two lists as follows:

  • The N first candidates in the ranking (N being the number of free places in the training) are entered on the final registration list.
  • The remaining pre-admitted candidates are listed in the order of their ranking on the waiting list.

If there are M available places of study or if there are M who are released before the beginning of the training cycle (e.g. following a withdrawal, since the admission decisions in BTS-AG may fall before results of the BAC) the first M candidates on the waiting list are entered on the final registration list.

A placement test may be requested from students if there is doubt as to the level of knowledge of the required languages based on the documents submitted during registration. This test serves to detect language deficiencies.
It will remain the student’s responsibility to work on any weaknesses.

The decisions and results are published in the display case at LAM. No decision and no results will be communicated via telephone or published on the website.

The decisions of the ad-hoc commission are without appeal except those provided for in article 2 (1) of the law of 7th November 1996 on the organisation of administrative jurisdictions.

As the BTS Game Art and Game Design course lasts two years, certain artistic and technical skills are required before starting.

Artistic Skills

The candidate must:

  • Be able to draw in perspective using two or more vanishing points background
  • Be able to draw simple human figures with the correct proportions from imagination
  • Be able to apply fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity and use color to suggest an atmospheric ambience
  • Be able to write a descriptive text in English (B2 level in English of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Free tutorials for beginners and books can help getting started.

Software Skills

The candidate must:

  • Have used a 3D modeling software (Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, …)
  • Be able to use basic modeling tools to create extrusions, insert edge loops, shape faces, edges and vertices on a 3D model.
  • Be able to model simple 3D props (see examples)
  • Be able to apply materials (shaders) to 3D objects and change color and specularity properties on said materials.
  • Be capable of using Adobe Photoshop or a similar software (manipulating layers, working with color correction, saving files in different formats…)
  • Be capable of using Adobe Illustrator or a similar software to draw basis shapes for games (manipulating layers, drawing shapes, using color and color guide…)

Software (Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, …) can be downloaded for a 1-month free trial. Free tutorials for beginners can help getting started.

These skills will be displayed in the Portfolio during the admission exam.