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The game artist has strong 3D and art skills and is capable of designing and producing 2D and 3D work for a variety of media productions including interactive 3D experiences such as 3D games or animated films.

Creative Work: Research, conceptualize and take creative decisions. Work with color, shape and volume to design virtual worlds, their content and their inhabitants.

Technical Tasks: Work with modern, specialized software and create the 2D & 3D assets, levels and characters required to bring digital games to life.

Work in Teams: The production of games relies on the teamwork of specialized creatives.


The curriculum aims to empower the students to fulfill job roles such as Game Artist, Character Designer, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Concept Artist, Technical Artist or Interactive Media Designer.

Further studies or independent work in the sector are also a possibility.

Subject Areas

Visual design techniques

  • Visual Design 2D
  • Vocational Communication / Action Telling

Asset creation

  • Modeling techniques / Texturing and Materials / Modeling for Games
  • Animation Techniques
  • Art Direction / Analytical and Concept Drawing / Character Design

Game Design and Level Creation

  • User Interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Game Design and Level Creation  / Open World Level Creation
  • Artistic Game Prototypes
  • Game Culture and History
  • Game Engines and Scripting / Optimization techniques


  • Individual and Group Projects
  • Events

Project Management

  • Agile project management
  • Monetization
  • Publishing
  • Entrepreneurship


  • 6-week internship in a company

Evaluation Methods

  • Written test
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Interview
  • Presentation
  • Practical labs
  • Portfolio
  • Practical test
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The Lycée des arts et métiers has 3 sites. Our BTS is ideally located in the center of Luxembourg city, close to public transport together with some of the other BTS courses

Limpertsberg Site

19, rue Guillaume Schneider
L-2522 Luxembourg
Tél.: (+352) 46 76 16 – 1

Site Dommeldange

20, rue Nicolas Hein
L-1721 Luxembourg
Tél.: (+352) 26 68 91 – 2007

Site Congrégation

5, rue de la Congrégation
L-1352 Luxembourg
Tél.: (+352) 26 20 11 30