Conference on 15.03.2024 by Dr phil. Marc BONNER on the theme:
Playing with Space: Architectonics, Aesthetics and Perception of Game Worlds

It is with great pleasure that the students of BTS Game Art and Game Design attended a conference by Dr phil. Marc BONNER at the Casino – Luxembourg as part of the exhibition “FORCED AMNESIA” by Mary- Audrey Ramirez.

On this occasion, the students were given a detailed introduction to his in-depth research work on the subject of “Open World Structures: Architecture, City- and Natural Landscape in Computer Games“.

Questions about the correlations and influence of images from the fields of art history, architecture and landscape planning and video games were explored.

Offene-Welt-Strukturen   Architektur, Stadt- und Naturlandschaft im Computerspiel

Come to Casino Display.ed at 1, rue de la Loge L- 1945 Luxembourg on 15.03.2024

The Display.ed is an event to promote the opportunities and diversity of creative and cultural careers, and to offer students wishing to study art the chance to gather information directly from art students and graduates.


In collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain and on the occasion of the exhibition “Forced Amnesia” by Mary-Audrey Ramirez, the students of BTS Game Art and Game Design had the pleasure of a guided tour through the exhibition on 01 March 2024 .
Afterwards, Max Kreis and Jannis Szeder held a workshop on AI in gaming with the second year students, while the first year had an introduction to AI technology in visual arts.
The event was concluded in the evening by a talk with media artist Max Kreis and AI researcher Daniel Karpati in the Casino on the topic of “Automation/inspiration: generative artificial intelligence technologies in visual arts“.